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Anonymous: If you like your tattoos, then fuck yeah. Ignore that bitch anon. As long as you like them and you're confident about them, you do what you like. I think all tattoos are amazing. So fuck you anon.

Thank you so much :) x

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punk-pineapple: WHY IS PEOPLE MEAN TO YOU. WHY IS PEOPLE SO PATHETIC. Stop ignoring them please, you are too perfect. I adore you and your blog, and both are beautiful. Fuck them.

Thank you lovely!!

I’m going to bed now guys but thank you all for the kind words.

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mermaids-on-acid-x: I'll never understand why people complain about other peoples tattoos, piercings and whatnot. It's not their body, how does it effect them in any way at all. Gosh, start thinking about yourselves and stop being so concerned about how other people look. Do what makes you happy, ma'dear 💜

YES. THIS^^ I’ve never understood it. I really don’t get why they think I need their fucking approval. 

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iss-mayonnaise-an-instrument: Well I think all your tattoos are absolutely gorgeous, just like you :)

Thank you so much :) Ah you’re lovely!

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your-soul-is-frozen: i reckon your tattoos are amazing :) im jealous haha i still have to wait until next year to get my tree tattoo

Thank you. You know what I’m going to start publishing these so that anon can see. That’s right anon, suckkkk a wang. ^^ 

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Anonymous: Hey I love your tattoos and I love you and I love your blog. Your tattoos are awesome as fuck and you're even more awesome. Like I'd marry you right now. Keep doing you. Love ya

Awww. bby x

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Anonymous: Get an ip tracker and then name and shame any anons who deserve it!

Nah it’s fine. Like i really couldn’t care. Fuck em! But thanks for your concern. 

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thefawnprincess: People are silly I wish they would keep their "opinions" to themselves because honestly they're not worth worrying about since you're gorgeous and so are your tattoos each and every one of them!

Thank you lovely. I’m just gonna ahead and publish this because you’re wonderful. I really don’t see why people feel the need to voice their dumb opinions of my body and my tattoos to me. I really couldn’t care less. 

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" I Saw Behemoth And It Ruled"

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