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Anonymous: how long did it take you to love again after alex, i see you with your new love now and im so jealous bc i just had my heart smashed into a million pieces and i want to get over it, i want to love and be happy again but im so scared ill never find another )': how long did it take for you to love? )':

It took me a long time. I did love the boy for 5 years, like him for 8 and we were together 3.5, so probably a solid year to get over him and about 8 months of feeling like complete and utter shit. Then I started to feel like myself again. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do and I never thought I would ever love another human being ever again. It takes time. I think you have to wait until you really feel comfortable within yourself, single until you can get into the next thing. That’s how it happened with me anyway. Time will heal you wounds. Mine aren’t fully healed but oh my god I’ve come such a long way and I’ve found someone so amazing and he never fails to amaze me everyday. Feel free to come off anon if you like. I almost always reply to people privately anyway. 

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Anonymous: What an awesome butt. What an awesome blog.

Thank you. Ahahah :’)

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I hardly ever reblog my own stuff, but I just really like this one. It’s probably one of my favourite photographs of myself. My tattoos, my pale skin, my bed and I look almost vulnerable, yet also at peace. Idk I just like it.

untitled by Astrid. on Flickr.
Anonymous: Youre perfect, your blog is perfect, your butt is perfect, stop being so perfect. <3

Wow. I’m actually so flattered. Thank you.

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My favourite spot with my favourite boy.

Anonymous: You have a lovely bum ♡

Aha. I really don’t think so. But thank you :)

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