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Tattoo done by Pari Corbitt.

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Anonymous: Is there a chance we can see your perfect butt in a g string?


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Anonymous: You don't have enough/good enough tattoos to be as cool as your trying to be.

I fucking hate messages like this. Jesus Christ. Firstly, how am I trying to be cool?I love my tattoos, I like the way I am tired of you anon dicks trying to tell me I’m not living up to you dumb standards. Ugh. Piss off.

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Anonymous: Beauty Tip: pluck your brows and smile more :)

Life tip: Stop assuming people live to impress you and don’t give advice unless someone asks it. I’m fine with the way I am thanks. I like to try and keep my appearance as natural looking as I can. My apperance is for no one but myself.

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River Wild (III)

September ‘14